Наша Мета Вилікування Серця Дітей



"Your commitment to improving the lives of young children in Ukraine has encouraged others to rise to the cause including medical staff who provide the care, host families who open their homes and their hearts to Ukrainian parents and the vast array of people who donate supplies, money and their time." from Community Caretaker Award citation presented to UGoL trustees by Shaklee Corporation President, Charlie Orr, December 1999

Operation CARDIO Useable and Relevant Equipment Supplies (OpCURES) includes UGoL projects and sourcing of equipment that is serviceable in Ukraine and supplies agreed to be necessary for maintaining and improving pediatric cardiac care in Ukraine, such as:

v      Ongoing nutritional supplementation for children preparing for and recovering from surgery

v      Ongoing supplies and medication donations

v      2000: Computers for expanding internet research, diagnostics and consultations

v      2000 & 2003: Ultrasound equipment (SONOS)

v       2003: facility refurbishment project

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