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"I turn to you with hope and pleading that you save the life of my son, " writes Larissa Omelchenko, Spring, 2000.

* * * Photos and list of the children having received surgeries in Lviv * * *


Operation CHILD CARDI©-CARE UA (OpCCCareUA) is the Ukrainian Gift of Life, Inc. (UGoL) program to arrange heart surgeries for children with certain heart defects that can be corrected within Ukraine. Since January 2000, UGoL has arranged financing for the cost of surgical equipment and supplies for over 100 children ($1000 per child) whose surgeries can be performed in Ukraine at this time. The $1000 is raised by individuals, churches, schools, or organizations in America for the purpose of sponsoring a specific child’s heart operation in Ukraine through an alliance with CARDIO.

CARDIO is a unique organization founded in conjunction with the Red Cross Society of Ukraine in June 1995.  It is funded by private donations and is based at the Lviv Cardiac Surgery Center.  Although the doctors participating in CARDIO are willing to donate their services if family financial need is demonstrated, the number of operations that can be performed at this center and throughout Ukraine is limited by lack of hospital financial resources, minimal government support and non-government contribution. Patients must, therefore, provide their own surgical supplies and medications (or money for them) before surgery. 

SPONSORING CHILD’S SURGERY: Individual donations, memorials, churches, schools, or civic organizations in America have become sponsors for the surgery for a specific child in Ukraine through the UGoL program, Operation CHILD CARDI© -CARE UA.

§         UGoL provides sponsors with an information sheet about a child, a letter requesting assistance (and exhibiting need) from the child’s family and, usually, a picture.  All children have been examined and their cases reviewed by medical professionals agreeing that surgery can be provided in Ukraine.

§         UGoL advisors review surgery cost and authorize payment of expenses. UGoL transfers funds to CARDIO foundation for surgeries at Lviv Cardiac Surgery Center.

§         UGoL communicates to sponsors updates regarding surgery date, surgery completion and recuperation of child.

§         Ongoing communication among surgery sponsors and the child’s family is encouraged. Translation of correspondence is provided, when necessary.

For more information about OpCCCareUA, you can read 10-year old Serhiy’s story in Press Releases.

For more information about sponsoring a child’s surgery, contact us.

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